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Because Happiness is Priceless

Directly on the main beach of Nosy Be Island, Called Madirokely Beach, the Aviavy Hotel Nosy Be, is a hotel / bar / restaurant « with your feet in water ». 11 air-conditioned rooms with mosquito net, mini-bar, private bathroom and toilet with hot water, Satellite TV, Free WiFi, wall safe and soundproof generator in case of power cuts.


For sporting holidays Aviavy Hotel Nosy Be offers many activities.

For fishermen, Aviavy Hotel has its own fishing club “Aviavy Fishing Club” with high quality equipment such as boats, rods, reels, lures etc. …, but thanks to its boats you can also discover the surrounding islands, each with their individual character, or to see humpback whales (July-October) and whale sharks (October-January) but also various species of dolphins.


To see around Nosy Be, Aviavy hotel has an air-conditioned 4×4 for excursions, and our driver will be happy to help you discover places still kept secret. We also offer quad rental where you can plan your own excursions and meet local people either by yourself or with a guide.

nosy be quad

Those looking for a quiet life and Robinson Crusoe style tranquility , can spend a few days at our private island bungalow resort « Tsara Lodge » located in the archipelago of Kalakajoro, in the Radama area. An integrated eco-lodge in perfect harmony on a white sandy beach lined with Filaos trees & coconut trees. Six comfortable bungalows built in compliance with the Malagasy traditions and a restaurant / bar on the beach …


Tonga Soa!                Welcome!

All these activities are carried out directly from the hotel with our own guides and perfectly organized without the necessity of external service providers or equipment.

But if your holiday just involves relaxing, thanks to its location on Madirokely beach in Nosy Be, lovers of relaxation and sunbathing are the kings, indeed parasols and lay-low beds are available to our customers at the foot of the terrace.

plage nosybe

And to distract you, Ambatoloaka Nosy Be with its restaurants, bars and night club is only at a few minutes walk from the beach …

Prices can be found here


Sex tourism is an affront to human dignity, condemned by the Malagasy and international laws and  it is not tolerated in any way at the Aviavy Hôtel!

charte tourisme



Origins and Traditions

The name Aviavy Hotel comes from the sacred tree (Aviavy) located just behind the hotel. Family of giant Ficus, the aviavy used as places of worship for the local populations. It is estimated that over the age of three hundred years, trunk covers an area of about 100 m² and s branches extend over 200 m²! (perfectly visible on satelite photos, or air, see photo Google Map at the top right of this page)


Custom dictates that when a major event occurs in your life (building a house, marriage, birth … etc) or for any actions on the tree (pruning, repairing the fence), then we sacrifice a local “zebu” (Which is a type of cow endemic to Madagascar) an offering which is then shared among all guests and local villagers organized in at the sacred tree at the rear of our hotel.

The sacred trees are surrounded by a fence that prohibits access apart from during ceremonies, and to be able to enter to pray and make an offering, one must leave his/her shoes behind and wear traditional clothing, a local robe called a « KITAMBY ». The tree is adorned with white and red fabrics, traditional colors of ancient monarchies SAKALAVA. (a Red King and White King, the Aviavy Madirokely | Nosy Be arguing that the White King is only prepared tissue White)

Practical Travel Advice

M’bola tsara = Hello
Veloma = Good bye
Misotroa = Thanks
Azafady = Please
In voavoa ? = What’s new ?
Tissy = We don’t have it
Missy = We have it
Rano = Water
Eau vive = Bottled drinking water
« M’bola tsara, missy eau vive azafady ? » = « Hello, do you have a bottle of water please ? »
« Missy » = « Yes we have it »  or « Tissy » = « No, we don’t have it »
These are words frequently used throughout the journal and in some pictures.
Short term for a four wheel drive jeep (pronounce « quatre-quatre »).
A typical Malagasy tree which looks like it was turned upside down with the roots pointing up.
An African type of hand drum. Not very typical for Madagascar, actually.
A big and important Malagasy celebration in which the deceased are moved from one tomb to another.
The cutest monkeys in the world, only exist in Madagascar and in zoos.
A canoe-like means of transportation, made out of a big log. Very shaky and scary on rivers with crocodiles.
Renault 4: The most common type of taxi in Madagascar.
A plant used to make strings. Has somewhat lost its importance with the popularity of plastic strings.
The « bush taxi », usually taken to travel long distances. There are many types, from the widespread Renault 504 to huge trucks.
Interesting rock formations found in some reserves in Madagascar.
The Malagasy word for « white man ». Probably the most frequently heard word by tourists.
The Malagasy cattle, hump-backed, providing very little milk and meat but almost outnumbering the Malagasy population. Near-sacred to the Malagasy and generally only eaten at ceremonies.

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